Planta Proves You Don’t Have To Be Vegan to Enjoy A Plant-based Dinner

A few years ago the thought of an entirely plant-based restaurant seemed ridiculous, impossible and a sure way to fail in the competitive and tumultuous restaurant industry. However, as dozens of vegan restaurants pop up all over the city, it is clear that a Vevolution is happening! Blog TO proclaims, “Toronto is having its vegan moment”.

Planta opened its doors a little over a year ago on the bustling corner of Bay and Bloor. If you have not heard of it until now, there is no shame. For those of us who do not consume an animal-free and all plant-based diet – we get a pass. It is perfectly all right to enter the restaurant with a dose of skepticism… chef David Lee will enjoy proving you wrong.

When you walk into Planta, you are immediately taken aback by the beautiful space. A large dining room with statement lighting, large palm tree prints mixed with modern furniture and copper silverware are details that take your breath away. When you look closer, you realize everything down to the minutiae details are perfected. They manage to make an open dining room feel intimate, despite almost every seat filled on a Wednesday evening.

The menu is divided into snacks, salads, sides, small and large plates, which makes sharing dishes a breeze. If you only try one thing off the menu, I recommend the crab cakes…that is right, the crab cakes. However, you will not find any crab here, obviously. Instead, a heart of palm is perfectly crusted with a crunchy panko crust and a salty citrus seasoning that will leave you feeling oh so satisfied. Other memorable snacks include the Lettuce Wraps, Cauliflower Tots, Broccoli Cheese Gratin and Fried Mushrooms. Move over tofu! Planta is not afraid to play with texture and flavour combinations.

The service here is exceptional. Knowledgeable and friendly staff will guide you through your Planta experience gracefully. Moreover, if you prefer to a low key plant-based dinner at home, they offer a pickup ordering service through their website.

If you are looking for a non-burger burger fix, Planta Burger is located downtown on Temperance, near Richmond St. West and Yonge St. This location is a quick stop vegan burger joint sure to satiate any burger craving.

As we enter a generation that respectfully promotes socially responsible food, fashion and companies, perhaps we question our everyday choices and decisions more than ever. The plant-based motion continues to garner attention in 2017 and will undoubtedly keep pushing the boundaries of sustainable vegan menus across the world. If you are a veggie newbie, Planta is a great place to test the unfamiliar

vegan waters. For those who have already converted, this should be on your restaurant bucket list! The fun, creative menu, uniquely designed space and fantastic service will leave you satisfied without the meat coma feeling.

For a full list of vegan restaurants in Toronto, visit the Toronto Vegetarian Associations website at

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