The Hottest Lighting Design Trends For 2019

Lighting plays a crucial role in the design of any room; it affects the mood, ambiance and even the appearance of size. Light plays a part in all your home entertaining, relaxing at home after a long day or creating the perfect peaceful retreat. It’s important to think of your lighting fixtures as an extension of art, don’t be afraid of incorporating a bold light, even when not lit. Here are a few lighting trends coming in hot for 2019 that will take any room in your house from drab to fab. Spoiler alert, luxurious decorative lighting is here to stay.

1. Landscape - Oriented

These geometric light fixtures span your ceiling as opposed to traditional drop-down lighting. Landscape fixtures, not to be confused with outdoor lighting can achieve the dramatic effect of a chandelier without worrying about your ceiling height. This lighting trend is great for a dramatic piece in any living space, whether in your kitchen over an island or to create ambiance over your dining room table. It will provide ample light with a wow factor and sure to be a conversation piece. Shop The Look

2. Sustainable & Natural Fibre

Natural fabrics have been a hot topic across the design industry as we not only consider the impact that the materials we use have on the environment but as we embrace a peaceful retreat from our hectic and fast-paced lives. Wicker and woven grasses, rattan and rope are all sustainable materials that are being utilized into eco-friendly lighting designs. Although traditionally incorporated into bohemian decor, these elements can look expensive and be an accent piece in other design aesthetics including French country and Scandi. The light and warm colours of natural wicker can act a harmonious textural interest in an otherwise flat room. It’s also important to be mindful of the type of bulb you are using, which is equally as important when putting mother earth first. Shop the look

3. Art Deco

This trend is all about glamour, sophistication and shine.

Art Deco is traditionally known for its beautiful detail – which will never go out of style. Art deco lighting fixtures will incorporate polished materials, mirror, rich stones, lush velvet and leather-clad, but when this trend first made its mark in North America it spanned the elements also to include aluminum, iron, steel and glass which also brought an industrial feel. Add this trendy lighting style (which will also qualify as art) if you are looking to add geometric drama and give any room structure. Shop the look

4. Luxurious Lighting

Inspired by the European – Art installation, meet lighting fixtures. This 2019 trend is inspired by the European and is anything but subtle. If you are looking to add a luxurious decor touch, look no further. Brass and gold is owning this trend and can easily be incorporated into most design aesthetics. Luxurious lighting designs packs a punch that does not go unnoticed. Look for sleek lines, starbursts and dramatic floor lamps. Shop the look

5. Malleable Metals

Both beautiful and versatile these lamps come in several different variants including large circle chandelier, suspension and cable lighting. With its customizable ability, this lighting trend it is sure to be a go-to in 2019. The malleable metal lighting trend lends itself to an industrial feel, or accent farmhouse décor seamlessly. With so many mixed materials to work with including gold, silver, iron, aluminum, copper, tin, indium and lithium, there indeed is something for everyone. We recommend a great wall sconce or accent a desk or side table with a table lamp because mid-century and rustic is in! Shop The Look

6. Nordlux

This 2019 lighting trend is inspired by Scandinavian and Japan

designs. Lighting is vital due to the Scandinavian long dark winters. Hmm, that sounds familiar. These designs are inspired by organic forms, materials and natural patterning. Unique and simplistic designs offering a wide variety of shapes allow this style to be expressive in a non-intrusive way. Shop The Look

7. Marble Table Lamps

Marble was hot in 2018, and it doesn’t look like there is any sign of this glam material dwindling in our homes in 2019. Marble is being used as an inspiring texture in almost every design field which is not surprising because it brings a level of class and luxury while still maintaining a natural feel. More traditionally marble has been incorporated into flooring, walls, and counter-tops, but this versatile material is now being incorporated into lighting, and we are thrilled. Look out for accent table lamps with marble bases in the coming year. Shop the Look

Lighting is more than just an accent. It is a crucial element to any special occasion so make sure you are setting the right mood. Whether bold or neutral, indirect or direct, classic or eccentric, make your lighting count and shine on.

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