The Man Cave Reinvented

Football season is finally upon us. The perfect time to reimagine that space in your home where you enjoy kicking back, relaxing and cracking a cold one on game day. Whether hosting Sunday Funday with friends or carving out some much-needed alone time, the man cave is a quintessential rite of passage for bachelors and family men alike.

The man cave often gets a bad reputation for being the small, dark room in the basement of the house, often cluttered with mismatched furniture and an over-pronounced smell of Cheetos. If you can relate to any of the former, it is time to give your man cave a much-needed facelift and create a space that will be an oasis in your home.

If there is one room you can have a little fun with, this is it! Your man cave should have a wow factor that is personalized to you. So throw caution to the wind, along with the traditional rules of interior design, flex your style and reinvent your man cave this fall.

Colour & Texture

First things first, incorporate texture and bold colours into this room, as it will score you big points in the ambiance department and set the mood. Do not shy away from the rich pigments and have a little fun with an accent wall, or get playful with the ceiling in your cave. If you are attempting to create a rustic yet sophisticated vibe, gold and brass hardware can add a touch of luxury while dark textured woods exude masculine energy. The materials you use in this room can pack a big punch if you are not afraid to disobey the conventional.

Bro-Tip: Not sure where to start? Here are the trending man cave paint colours of 2019 that will help you achieve your desired look and feel


Because the man cave is often in the basement, lighting is essential in creating an atmosphere in your unique space. Beyond having several sources of functional light in your room, this is a golden opportunity to add a statement piece. Wall sconces are useful when framing a decorative or focal accent, while industrial lighting will create a bold backdrop and keep your space minimal and clean. Typically 3-5 pieces of lighting will do the trick for this room – including the tv which will also be a significant source of light. Be sure to consider the natural light your man cave receives and install shades over your windows to reduce glare on the television during the day. It’s recommended that you take note of the lighting at different times of the day before you make any critical lighting decisions. And don’t waste an opportunity to integrate lighting controls during your renovation.

Bro-Tip: Recessed lighting in a media room or home theatre can be particularly useful as a light source that reduces glare against the TV screen.

Entertainment Center

A man cave would not be worthy of such a title without a killer entertainment center. Your cave is the only time your TV should be the centrepiece of the room, so take advantage! Display it loud and proud alongside a speaker system that will have your neighbours loathe you, and your buddies praise you. Pump up the jam with arcade games, a pool table or a bowling alley! Disclaimer, this room should be soundproof and insulated if you don’t want to end up in the doghouse.

Bro-Tip: When installing a TV in the ultimate man cave, the length from the screen should be a paramount consideration. Find the display size you want, but make sure there is enough space between the TV and your seating to appreciate all those pixels. And if you are using a projector, keep in mind the installation, wiring and distance.


Guys, this is important, do not let your man cave be where all your old furniture goes to die. A comfortable sectional or sofa that seats enough for all your bros and a recliner (aka throne) for the king of the cave should not be overlooked or taken lightly. When shopping for man cave furniture, remember that comfort should be your top priority. Style points are a bonus, of course, but to optimize long lazy Sundays in this room, comfort is key.

Bro-Tip: If space is limited, a sectional couch offers the most seating for the least amount of space. While small sectionals can generally seat up to four people with ease, mid-size sectionals can seat up to eight people, and oversized sectionals can seat a dozen or more.

Make it Personal

Are you a collector of fine whisky? Build a custom whiskey wall or cabinet to display your curated selection. Are you an avid hunter? A fur rug or antlers mounted on the wall may be the finishing touches you need to tie your room together. Do you love golf? A golf simulator is a perfect splurge for your cave. Other ways to personalize this space may include a custom neon sign or framed sports jersey. When it comes to adding your personal touches, there are no rules.

Bro-Tip: A well designed and spacious man cave is increasingly sought after when shopping for new a home. With that in mind, you may decide that your personal touches are fixtures that are easy to remove. This way, your man cave will be effortless to show if and when you choose to put your home on the market.

Snacks and Beverages

It's recommended that you have a dedicated space to store game-day snacks and beverages. A custom bar with comfortable seating is a boast-worthy man cave component if stocked with a selection of adult beverages, of course. If you are limited on space, a vintage bar cart will also do the trick. A fridge is essential for keeping your tall cans cold and ensuring you have ice on hand for more sophisticated beverages when the time calls for it.

Bro-Tip: Install a TV behind the bar, so you never miss a minute of the action while refilling your beverages. The bar is also a great place to gather, hang out and chow down, so make it is comfortable enough to belly up and stocked with dining essentials.

A man cave shouldn’t be a privilege but a right. Make this football season a game-changer with a dedicated space that is functional, fun and exudes your style.

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