Exclusive Holiday Destinations for 2020

Five Holiday Havens That Will Melt Your Winter Chill

With another summer behind us, we prepare for a long Canadian winter. As the cold weather blows in with no end in sight, the winter months can leave many feeling blue. Perhaps the perfect remedy is a winter getaway in your calendar… and I’m not referring to your average all-inclusive resort. Here is a roundup of 2020s most elite and luxurious holiday destinations that will leave you feeling pampered, glowing and cultured!

Jeju Island, South Korea

If breathtaking views, white sand beaches and waterfalls is on your next vacation bucket list, look no farther than Jeju Island in South Korea. Known for its natural wonders including a dormant volcano, here you will find many ventures for the active traveller as well as endless opportunities to unplug and recharge. If you are lucky, you may even see the “Korean Mermaids” also known as haenyo divers. The best time to visit this exquisite island is between November and February when the precipitation is low, but if you want to be in awe, travel between late March and mid-April when the cherry blossoms are blooming. This is a little corner of the planet that not many have travelled, making it an exclusive destination in 2020. Stay at one of the islands luxury hotels or rent a villa and experience all the Jeju Island has to offer including scuba diving, great hiking and chasing waterfalls.

The Maldives

Although not necessarily a breakout destination, the Maldives makes this list because it is hot and sunny all year long, which makes it the perfect getaway any time! Known for crystal clear waters and soft sandy beaches, it is a spectacular beach destination where sipping champagne is practically a sport. The perfect destination for couples, the Maldives is considered to be very romantic, a place where tranquillity and exclusivity are flawlessly executed. Enjoy being pampered at one of the many luxurious spas, treat yourself to delicious cuisine and take some time to watch the bioluminescent water under the stars. If adventure is on your agenda, take a swim with the sharks, explore the breathtaking coral reefs or let loose with some water sports. Whatever you plan for this holiday you will be treated like royalty with the finest personalized service in Asia.

Egadi Islands, Sicily

Located just a few miles off the coast of Trapani you will find the three Egadi Islands, although those who are familiar with this terrain refer to it as ‘Italy Heaven’. A little slice of Sicily that isn’t overrun with tourists, here you will be welcomed with authentic local hospitality. With a population of only 5,000 across all three islands, it is a charming destination rich in history and culture. In the Egadi Islands, you will be surrounded by undisturbed bays and coves, deserted mountain paths, plummeting cliffs and the cobalt-blue sea. Life moves a little slower on the islands, so prepare yourself to relax and unwind… it won’t take long to forget about your troubles. Take advantage of island-hopping, long walks, boat excursions, snorkelling, diving, fishing and sunbathing. You will be blown away by the untouched beauty and purity that awaits you on the Egadi Islands in Sicily.

Bhutan, South Asia

Bhutan is a tiny Himalayan Kingdom with breathtaking mountains and forests that are protected and untouched. As a newcomer, you will be guided through unique tours and immerse yourself in the rich culture. As an exclusive destination spot for travellers, it is required that anyone visiting have a pre-booked tour of the kingdom. They also charge visitors a fee per day for guests that changes depending on the time of year you travel. This emerging holiday destination is special because it is the only carbon-negative country in the world currently, and it is on track to be a fully organic nation by next year. Although Bhutan is a little cooler in the winter months, it is still a travel-worthy destination when it comes to exclusivity. Very few people can boast of their experiences and adventures in this magical kingdom. Discovering new land and terrain will absolutely be on the itinerary when you visit Bhutan.

Charter a Superyacht

Ahoy Captain! The world is your oyster when you charter your very own superyacht. You will be spoiled with topnotch service, enjoy private dining with a personal chef and sip handcrafted cocktails all while taking in incredible coastlines. Dock at destinations and explore the local culture, or anchor and enjoy premium water sports. Popular luxury charter destinations include the Mediterranean, Bahamas, Turkey, Ibiza, British Virgin Islands and the Caribbean. Chartering your superyacht is one way to have a truly personalized and elite vacation where your every request is catered to. Experience a one-week all-inclusive 100-foot yacht experience for anywhere between $60,000-$100,000.

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